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Form 80 - Expat Forum For People Moving Overseas And Living Abroad - address correction, form 80, form 80 help, re-upload form 80 Form 80 Address. Fillable Online dor ms Instructions for Form 80-270 Mississippi - Instructions for Form 80-270 Mississippi Nonresident or Part Year Resident Amended Individual Income Tax Return (2004 Revision) Form 80-270, Mississippi. Form 80 australia 2012 - PDF Filler - Fill form 80 australia 2012 instantly, download blank or editable online. Fillable Form 80...
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Comments and Help with form 80 immigration australia

Who needs a visa application?

Form 80 is requested by Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for each visitor to Australia. It is a basic document for travelers, refugees and immigrants who plan to stay in Australia.

What is a visa application for?

It used in order to receive travel documents for visiting Australia, when seeking asylum, or when applying for permanent residence.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It includes information from your passport (ID card) and from your tickets, so you have to be able to give copies of them if required.

When is the visa application due?

It is filed before entry to Australia if you are visiting for business or family matters. In case of seeking asylum or if a person decided to apply for a temporary residence, the submission of this form should be coordinated with the closest regional office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

How do I fill out a visa application?

  • Part A - Your details: give personal information from your current passport, other travel documents. Answer the questions about your citizenship and property, other personal documents, like birth registration, current address and telephone number, personal contacts in Australia.
  • Part B - Your Partner’s Details. Provide personal information about your partner.
  • Part C - Travel to Australia. Write the dates, hotel reservations, specify your reason for a trip.
  • Part D - Current Visa Details. Fill out only if you have a visa already.
  • Part E - Other Information. Write your travel history, employment history and addresses where you lived over the past 10 years,  educational background.
  • Part F - About Your Parents. Provide personal information about your parents.
  • Part G - About Your Brothers and Sisters.
  • Part H - About Your Children.
  • Part I - Character Details. Answer the questions about criminal past, deportations, debts if any.
  • Part J - Declaration. Put your signature here to declare that your information is complete, correct and up-to-date.
  • Part K - Additional Details. Use this sheet if there wasn’t enough space for answering any of the previous questions.

Where do I send a visa application?

Send it to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 80
Instructions and Help about grant form
Hi everyone today we're going to talk about the formatting a lot of people have questions about this document and as it is an important document towards your visa application we're going to give you a brief explanation about it um it's always good to read this part of the document as it explains how important is to provide a correct information a good parts read is this the integrity of application the Department of Immigration and Border Protection the Department is committed to maintaining the integrity of the visa and citizenship programs please be aware that if you provide us with fraud land documents or claims this may result in processing delays and possibly your application being refused so keep in mind that all the information that you're going to provide into this form has to be accurate has to be up-to-date and has to be true okay so um please don't lie filling this document as this is not a good indication towards the immigration some part a4 applicant details on question one it's to complete with your information so family name it stands for your surname if you're looking to your passport you're going to see surname so just food as your passport giving names it's your first name so look into your passport and just copy the same so you're sexist if you if you're a male or a female date of birth suburb of birth most of the birth certificates they contain the suburb of birth please refer to your birth certificate you answer this point town or city of birth as well check on your birth certificate as well for the state and country question number two if you're not from a Chinese background if you don't have a Chinese car test in your name just simply put no Auto why's yes and then fill up with the Chinese commercial code number info same for Arabic this test descent Russian descent so just some do the same if you're not Arabic or Russian just type now just select now if you are just yes and then provide information question five a lot of people have questions about this oh I've been married and I changed my name or I divorced and I changed my name back to you the name that I had one our single so if you have ever been known by any other names please provide details if you've never changed your names in any circumstance please just select no okay or do I select yes and give details in English remembering that this form has to be completely completed in English alright no other language is accepted question number six have you ever had a different date of birth to the one shown and question one the one that you refer to your birth certificate just in case if you had a different date of birth if yes select yes and then provide information if it's the same as question one simply select no do you currently have citizenship from any country so if you don't even have citizenship from your own country from the country where you were born just select as no I'm stateless and provide information why are you stateless otherwise just food yes and how...